Supermodel, Ashley Graham

Supermodel, Ashley Graham

Mondays 6:15-7:15pm (Brooklyn)


(Except 1st Mondays of the Month)

154 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11213

Closest to the A/C or 3/4 Trains

First Mondays 6:30-7:30pm (Manhattan)

Momentum Education

228 E 45th St, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10017

abunDANCE with keo Classes at Momentum Education are community based classes. Creating a space for the community to experience abundance, joy and connection for Free.

Welcoming all those with two left feet, a mean two step, or old school Adidas in reach.This outrageous, fun, high energy fitness dance class, is a mixture of Hip Hop, Afro Fusion & Twerking, guaranteed to get your body moving & your heart pumping.Be prepared to leave class sweating & light.

To reserve your spot purchase your class using the link above or pay at the door using credit cards or cash. 

abDkeo Discounted Classes

Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm (Brooklyn)

OYT Dance Studio

3904 Church Aveune
(Entrance on the corner of East 39th, 
around the corner from Metro PCS)

What is abunDANCE with keo?

Rooted in empowerment and gratitude, abunDANCE with keo (abD) is an organization using love, movement and other art forms to promote creativity, connection and abundance. Creating spaces for authenticity, outrageousness and joy, creating a space where all bodies and journeys are, honored, accepted and celebrated.

Our Mission:

Inspiring a courageous and loving community, abunDANCE with keo uses dance, poetry, facilitation, and other art forms to remind us of our value, beauty and worth. Through vulnerability, connection and personal empowerment, abD provides the community with in depth access to their abundance and a safe space to be unapologetic, enough and loved just as they are.

abDkeo Merchandise:

"I am many things, LOVED is one of them."

abDKeo Shirt Sizes (For Pickup)
abDKeo Shirt Sizes (Out of State)

For all inquires, private sessions, workshops or bookings, please email