"To Watch Me Dance is to Hear My Heart Speak."


San Diego native, and Brooklyn transplant, Keomi Tarver is a dancer, writer, lover, teacher and friend. She began training at the age of 12, and is skilled in Modern, West African, Hip Hop, and Interpretive Dance. Throughout the last decade, Keomi has showcased her work on various stages and respected institutions including San Diego State University, Yale University, the Brooklyn Museum of Art and SummerStage. In 2010, while performing in “Hip Hop Saved My Life,” a celebration of Hip Hop through spoken word, dance, music and art, Keomi was inspired to continue the journey of combining spoken word and dance. In 2014, Keomi wrote, choreographed, and directed “Love & War.” Infused with dance and poetry, “Love & War” welcomed the vulnerability and work that love and war can bring to the surface, leaving us exposed and, eventually, free. Also in 2016 and 2017 Keomi created films, “Superpower”,“Pray You Catch Me”, and featured in viral film, Elephant. Powerful films showing the power of choice and duality.

 Keomi is the Director and Choreographer of abunDANCE with Keo, where she uses movement, facilitation, workshops, and many art forms to encourage her community to create, live, and love abundantly. She is known for her strong and unapologetic movements, her transparency, and her smile. Her purpose is to use her gift to remind others how valuable and beautiful they are. You can find Keomi teaching her students the elements of Hip Hop throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC, creating affirmations with her friends, and hugging her mother.



Private Sessions

abunDANCE private sessions are great for beginners or anyone looking expand their technique, self-awareness and connection to their body in an one on one setting.

            Group Rates

1 Hour Private abunDANCE Sessions

Artistic Presentations:


Artistic Consulting

Dance Performances

We do it all. From Private parties, Company dance or fitness classes, Bachelorette Parties and much more. As the number of increases the price per person decreases. 

abDkeo Workshops:

abunDANCE workshops creates a space for authenticity, discovery and permission, focusing on connections and our relationship to self-awareness. Using different art forms such as dance, movement, poetry and music to expand our experience with abundance and give ourselves more access to our body, our thinking and  our self-expression.

Dance/Choreopoem Focused



For information on any of the following services please email us at info@abundancewithkeo.com