Poetic Theater Presents: Love & War: The Battle of the Heart

Save the Date! Love & War hits the stage next month! Mark your Calender's!

Love and War: The Battle of the Heart

After two sold out performances Love and War is back on stage!

Wild Project Theater |195 E. 3rd Street, NY 10009

Saturday, March 19th 9:00pm

 Saturday, March 26th 9:00pm

Saturday, April 2nd 9:00pm

 Love & War creates a space for the complexities of being a woman of color. Using movement, poetry and music, Keomi welcomes the vulnerability love and war brings to the surface. She boldly shares her moments of shame, and her experiences while learning to live in her body and being with all the magic, anguish, and divinity within her. She chooses to find the worthy in all of her, finding the beauty of being broken and how it lets light, not only in, but out. Showing how opposing extremes can occupy the same space, finding the grace and love in the midst of the war. Leaning on and supporting women while creating abundance and celebration in womanhood along the way, every city will feature local artists, creating relevance and representation. Love & War asks all the hard questions we keep tucked away due to fear, leaving us exposed and, eventually, free.