A Home with Many Rooms: An Ache for Home, Lives in All of Us.

Inspired by Maya Angelou, A Home of Many Rooms is a 3 part choreo-film highlighting the abundance in duality.  Emphasizing that we deserve spaces that home all of us, and giving ourselves permission to create a home within ourselves. Where we celebrate the dark, the light, the decorated and the exposed.

Part One - Foyer

Choreographer: Keomi Tarver


Cinematographer: Connie Chavez


Directed by: Connie Chavez and Keomi Tarver

Edited by: Connie Chavez

Photographer: Yamarie Mayol

Dancers: Keomi Tarver, Gabriella Bruno, Sharifa Linton and Autumn Oftedal

BTS Team: Shaka Haywood, Whitney Thomas and Jackie Kennedy

Part Two - Living Room

Keo-3066 (1).jpg
Part 2 Coming Soon. Living (Room)

Part 2 Coming Soon. Living (Room)

Created, Directed, Choreographed by Keomi Tarver

First photo taken by: Tom Martinez
Photos by: Andre-H Photography
Jewelry by: Soulstice By Dee
Costumes by: Vue Evince

Creating a space for the complexities of being a woman. Using movement, poetry and music, Keomi welcomes the vulnerability love and war brings to the surface. She boldly shares her moments of shame, and her experiences while learning to live in her body and being with all the magic, anguish, and divinity within her. She chooses to find the worthy in all of her, finding the beauty of being broken and how it lets light, not only in, but out. Showing how opposing extremes can occupy the same space, finding the grace and love in the midst of the war. Leaning on and supporting women while creating abundance and celebration in womanhood along the way, every city will feature local artists, creating relevance and representation. Love & War asks all the hard questions we keep tucked away due to fear, leaving us exposed and, eventually, free.


Keomi Tarver, Autumn Oftedal, Sharifa Linton, Candace Tabbs, Gabriela Bruno, Jerijah West, Angela Skeete, Jeanann Verlee, Ant Black and True.


Inspired by Beyonce's Pray You Catch Me, this powerful video exhibits the power of acceptance. Showing how our divine self is waiting to be caught. Photo taken by: William Walker Jr.

#PYCM Creation Team:
Photography/Videography: William Lenard Walker Jr. 
Editing: Mohsin Siddiqi/Daton Haywood
Artistic Direction: Alan Ince and Vue Evince
Choreography: abunDANCE - Keomi Tarver
Hair/make-up: Sharifa Linton
Stylist: Alfonso Ferguson/ Javon Parkes
Music: Mohsin Siddiqi/Geminelle Rollins


PYCM, an invitation for innovative interpretation, evokes discovery. Through release, liberation and empowerment, we use various art forms to promote authenticity, self-love, and unapologetic-ness. Forwarding an inspired community to ask the divine questions while creating a platform for creatives.


Catch Us Here:

Keomi Tarver: www.keomitarver.com

Vue Evince: www.vueevince.com

Geminelle Rollins: www.geminelle.com

William Walker Jr: www.thesayazakeclan.net

Javon Parkes: javotypemusic

Mohsin Siddiqi: Kiko's BBQ: Summer's End


Elephant a short choreo-film entirely produced by women of color against street harassment. The video is the collective effort of a group of interdisciplinary artists from New York City who came together to highlight the importance of looking at street harassment from a lens of reclamation of power.