A Home with Many Rooms: An Ache for Home, Lives in All of Us.

Inspired by Maya Angelou, A Home of Many Rooms is a 3 part choreo-film highlighting the abundance in duality.  Emphasizing that we deserve spaces that home all of us, and giving ourselves permission to create a home within ourselves. Where we celebrate the dark, the light, the decorated and the exposed.

Part One - Foyer

Choreographer: Keomi Tarver


Cinematographer: Connie Chavez


Directed by: Connie Chavez and Keomi Tarver

Edited by: Connie Chavez

Photographer: Yamarie Mayol

Dancers: Keomi Tarver, Gabriella Bruno, Sharifa Linton and Autumn Oftedal

BTS Team: Shaka Haywood, Whitney Thomas and Jackie Kennedy

Part Two - Living Room

Keo-3066 (1).jpg
Part 2 Coming Soon. Living (Room)

Part 2 Coming Soon. Living (Room)